Benidorm Currency

The currency in Benidorm is the Euro. If you’re staying in the main resort you’ll find plenty of places to exchange money, but in Benidorm Old Town there are fewer options. We recommend exchanging some money before you leave, to get the best rates and avoid any expensive commission at airport exchange kiosks. After all, no-one wants to waste holiday time scurrying round looking for a bank, when you’ve got all that serious relaxation to do.

Reserve & Collect Currency

Using our reserve and collect service is super-convenient or you can arrange home delivery. The minimum order for home delivery is £200, and delivery is free for orders over £500. Exchanging money is commission free too, so you know you’re getting the best value Benidorm currency.

ATMs & Card 

If you like to take a combination of cash and plastic, then you’ll find plenty of ATMs and your regular credit or debit card will be accepted in many larger shops, hotels and restaurants. Talk to your bank about their charges for transactions abroad, though, as these could quickly eat into your spending money. The fees do vary and can be a bit of a shock if you’re not expecting them.