Jandia holidays

Jandia began its life as a small, fishing village and has since grown into one of Fuerteventura’s most sought-after holiday destinations. However, don’t take your Jandia holidays expecting a skyline made up of high-rise hotels; this resort has retained much of its original character, particularly in the Old Town. The beach is spectacular, sporting two miles of sugar-coloured, powder-soft sands, gently lapped by the Atlantic Ocean and overlooked by a pretty promenade. For a day out, the Jandia Natural Park is a short drive away, giving you the opportunity to see some of the island’s wildest and most stunning scenery.

21°C - 29°C

By UK standards, the year splits into two seasons, dispensing with autumn and winter and diving straight into spring and summer. Summer really makes its mark between April and October, with temperatures tapping at the thirties, while the spring months between November and March enjoy less blistering temperatures in the low to mid-twenties.

Four and a half hours.

Flights to Jandia land at Puerto del Rosario International Airport and is just over an hour’s drive from the resort. There are buses available from the airport.

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