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Over 500 years old and once a small, fishing village, this sunny destination has everything you need for a fantastic break. Holidays to Hammamet are sun-splashed and relaxing. Known as ‘the garden resort’ the town itself is wreathed in orange, lemon, and olive trees, which seem to be growing on every street! When the morning sun heats the fruit up on the trees, the smell is amazing.

For those who want to top up their tans, you’ll find its coast is almost one sweep of white sand. Lapped by clear, blue waters and perfumed by the citrus groves that back them, the beaches are expansive and quiet; perfect for families and couples looking to enjoy some quality downtime together without the usual crowds.

While you might think that this stunning part of North Africa might be beyond your budget, holidays here are proof that you don’t need a rock-star’s pay-packet to be able to enjoy a slice of paradise.

Things to do

Holidays to Hammamet put you in the heart of an historic town, which is littered with remnants of its past and rich in atmosphere. The beaches are stunning stretches of white sands lapped by blue waters; perfect for anyone wanting to unwind and soak up the sun. 

Despite a thriving tourist trade, this isn’t a noisy town and you won’t find much in the way of thumping nightclubs or crowded bars. Instead, there are some excellent restaurants in which to enjoy the exciting Tunisian cuisine and a few ambient, beachside bars in which to enjoy a drink and watch the sun set over the horizon. 

However, if you want to get out and immerse yourself in the region’s culture and history, there’s plenty to see and do, whether you’re travelling with your family or better half.

Where to stay

Within Hammamet, you can explore the town itself or the resort of Yasmine Hammamet, which is found on the outskirts. They’re both lovely places to visit, home to beautiful beaches, sparkling seas and a unique character of their own. Hammamet was once a small fishing village, and it still has lots of traditional charm with its pretty marina and beautiful, untouched beaches. Yasmine Hammamet is loved by families, as it’s got everything you’d need to keep the little ones entertained. Yasmine Hammamet’s Medina has some fantastic shops, stalls and even an adventure park for the kids.

16°C to 31°C

When you go on holiday here you can expect glorious sunshine throughout the year. The coolest month is January, when the mercury drops to around 16°C, while July is the hottest, with temperatures peaking at around 31°C. December is the wettest month, but still offers a warm climate.

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Three hours

Flights land at Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport, which is approximately 40km from the centre of the resort.