Avg weather in January
10 Hrs per day
25 mm per month
52 % avg
11 Mph avg

Tunisia Weather in January

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What’s the weather like in Tunisia in January?

There’ll probably be some wet spells and despite being the coldest month, the weather in Tunisia in January is very mild and sunny compared to the UK. The high temperature will reach a brilliant 17°C and sunny resorts in the south of Tunisia, such as Djerba island, will see around eight hours of sunshine each day.

Geographical influences

The warm, Tunisia weather in January is thanks to its location in North Africa and along the southern Mediterranean. Winters don’t turn cold here, especially in the south, around Djerba and the Gulf of Gabes; conditions are very pleasant. The water temperature will be about 18°C and this helps to keep the weather mild inland.


You’ll need a jumper and a jacket in case the temperature drops a few degrees in January, but on average the winter weather in Tunisia is great for walks along the sandy beaches and historic towns. Around the popular city of Sousse and nearby Hammamet, the average daytime high will be 17°C. This may fall to 7°C to 11°C at night, but with a mild sea breeze of 12mph, it rarely feels too chilly. On average, Tunisia has just 25mm of rainfall in January with cities in the north, such as the capital Tunis, getting a little more than the south. The sunshine averages eight to ten hours across this idyllic Mediterranean resort with the sun rising at 7.20am and setting at 5.40pm.


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