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Corfu enjoys a pleasant climate thanks to its location off the north-west coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea. The island is known for its fantastic Mediterranean climate, golden beaches and rugged mountains.

The annual average temperature is around 25°C, which is very warm and comfortable. The warmest month of the year is August, which has a daily high of 32°C. The best time to go to Corfu is during the summer when you’re guaranteed great weather with a very small chance of rain.

For cooler weather and a more quiet time abroad, the best time to visit Corfu is in the winter and spring. The average temperature is around 11°C, which is quite cold and continues to decrease towards nightfall.

The warmer weather begins in May when temperatures increase and there’s a lot more sunshine. You’ve also managed to avoid the strong winds, which blow in from the north of the Aegean Sea during the peak of summer.

The chance of rain in winter is high. At least 12 days a month will have some rainfall, so make sure to take your raincoat and find shelter in a nearby bar or restaurant to pass the time. Thankfully, showers tend to be short and light, so it won’t be long before you’re back outside enjoying the sunshine.

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