Myrtos Beach In Kefalonia Greece

Crowned one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, you'll want to make sure to put Myrtos Beach at the very top of your travel bucket list. Sink your feet into the white sands that spread along the stunning coastline. Go for a refreshing swim in the sea when you need to cool down, and sit back and relax for the day or quicken the pace with a hike through the green countryside. Explore the surrounding limestone cliffs and thick forests that back the beach.

When you're ready, you can finish off the day with a few drinks at one of the popular beach bars. Whether you're looking for the ideal romantic destination, or you're planning an action-packed family getaway in the sun, Myrtos Beach is the perfect sunny location for the whole family.

Travelling to the beach

Travelling to Myrtos Beach from Lassi takes just 40 minutes. Hop on a bus or take your rented car along the stunning coastal route to get there. Follow the road inland through mountains and past thick forests. If you look out into the distance, you'll see the second highest peak in Kefalonia - the Agia Dynati mountain. Eventually, you'll swoop down a winding road that'll lead you right to Myrtos' doorstep.

Laze on the beach

Myrtos Beach is in a semi-circular shape that's got plenty of room for everyone. Press your feet into the sand and dip your toes into the warm waters along its mesmerising coastline. Gaze up at the chalky white cliffs that surround the beach and see if you can spot a few nests tucked away in the cracks.

As you move closer to the shoreline, you'll notice the vertical cliffs shrink towards the sea. If you're hoping to spend more than a few hours on the beach, you'll find plenty of things to pass the time. Sunbathe under the warm sunshine, or rent a comfy sun lounger and watch as the turquoise waves curl along the beach.

Tiny white pebbles line the shore, so you might want to keep your flip flops on if decide to go for a walk along the sand. At midday, it can get quite hot so if you need to cool down, head to the water for a refreshing swim.

Go sailing

Get yourself on a boat and sail out to sea like a real explorer. Enjoy a refreshing drink under the canopy before heading to the deck for beautiful clear views of the beach and its staggering cliffs. Some sailing excursions will take you even further to see more of Kefalonia's coast.

You won't notice the time pass by as you spend the day exploring secluded coves under the shining sun. If you're a strong swimmer, you can even jump into the water and enjoy a quiet swim away from the crowds on the beach.

Enjoy the local cuisine

When you're feeling peckish, head to the nearby beach bar and enjoy your meal overlooking the lovely sea views across the bay. You'll get to choose from an extensive drinks menu boasting a variety of cocktails and refreshing beverages.

If you've got extra mouths to feed and need something more substantial to eat, make your way to one of the many tavernas that line the top of the road. There, you'll have a broader selection of meals to choose from.

For some delicious seafood or traditional Greek dishes, go to Myrtos Taverna. This restaurant serves everything from fresh fish to lamb, chicken, and fries for the kids. Another family friendly restaurant worth your time is Alexandros Restaurant. It serves local specialities as well as Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. You'll also see plenty of Vegetarian options on the menu too.

If you're visiting the area with a romantic partner, whisk them away to O Makis. Here, you're served traditional Greek food as well as being able to look out over stunning sea views.

Catch the sunset

A day trip to Myrtos Beach wouldn't be complete without sticking around to catch the spectacular sunset. Since the beach faces west, you're guaranteed a remarkable light show as the sun sinks into the shimmering Ionian waters. When the sun goes down, it's a good time to head back to Lassi.

Make your way to your hired car or hop on the bus that'll take you back. After a fun day on the beach, you could probably do with a good night's rest before planning another action-packed day tomorrow.

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