Ancient ruins of Ephesus

For a break away from the beach, take a day trip to the impressive archaeological site of Ephesus, which is just a 35 minute drive away in the small town of Selcuk. Pictures don't do the stunning ruins of Ephesus justice, which is home to one of the magnificent Seven Wonders of the World and the Virgin Mary House.

Ephesus was once the trade and religious centre of early Christianity in the ancient world. Visit the remains of the Temple of Artemis and explore ruins from the Hellenistic Age with the handcrafted foundations and sculptured columns.

At the top of the Bulbul mountain is The House of Virgin Mary. The 4th century AD stone structure was said to be the home where Mary spent her remaining days after the death of Jesus Christ. She may have travelled here with St. John whose church; the Basilica of St John's relics can be discovered in Ephesus.

Be sure to check out the spiritual church that combined Mary's house and grave and drink from the Fountain of Holy Water of Mary, where the salty water is said to have curating properties.

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