S'albufera Park Spain

If you're an avid bird watcher, a day trip to S'Albufera Park and Wetlands is highly recommended. The natural buzz of the park attracts hundreds of visitors, both holidaymakers and the numerous different species of birds. Birds from all over Europe come to S'Albufera Park and Wetlands to nest every year, making it a treasure for nature lovers. Put on comfortable shoes and pack a picnic for a calming day out amongst the wildlife and glorious sunshine. Stop off at the park's small museum for detailed information about the conservation area, before taking the various different routes and paths available to explore and enjoy. The park's habitats consist mostly of wet grazing meadows, reed banks, ponds and pools and small green avenues of trees and bushes. Different species will come to the area to nest depending on the time of year; a highlight for September includes spotting Osprey, Kingfishers and Eagles.