Aruba - currency

The currency in Aruba is Aruban Guilder (AWG)

Although Aruba has its own currency, US dollars are widely accepted and can be used instead of Aruban Guilder. But be aware that you may be given the local currency back as change. Should you need to withdraw extra cash when abroad, there are ATM machines dotted around the island distributing both dollars and Aruban Guilder at competitive rates. 

Feel free to pay on your debit or credit card, but make sure your bank is aware of your travel plans to avoid any hidden charges. Or ditch the cash altogether and check out our travel money cards. It couldn’t be easier, simply transfer funds from your existing bank account and snap up fantastic rates in the process.

If you’ve booked a last-minute getaway to Aruba, Thomas Cook Travel Money will deliver your dollars straight to your door. But don’t worry, you’ll also find an exchange bureau at the airport if you’re short on time.