Tobago - currency

The currency in Tobago is the Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, abbreviated to T&T Dollar or TT$. You may see the US dollar accepted, but you’ll get the best value by using local currency.

Currency Exchange 

It’s wise to exchange some cash before you leave, and if you buy your currency through us, it’s commission-free. You can arrange to have your Tobago currency delivered to your door, or take advantage of our reserve and collect service. This currency will have to be ordered a minimum of five working days in advance. You can ask for a range of denominations too, so you’re prepared for small expenses when you arrive. Notes are available in TT$ 1, 5, 10, 20, and 100, while coins are in TT1$ and 50, 25,10, 5 and 1cents. If you do want to exchange money while you’re in Tobago, then various banks offer tourist rates, but these can vary considerably so check before you buy your currency in Tobago.

Cash and Card 

If you like to use a mix of cash and card while you’re travelling, then you’ll find ATMs are available. Again, it’s worth doing a bit of research; most card providers charge fees for transactions abroad, so check with your bank what they are. Many travellers like to use a pre-paid travel money card because there’s no charge for purchases and a flat fee for cash withdrawals. Meaning it’s easy to keep track of your spending.

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