Charlotteville Tobago

Charlotteville is a charming fishing village on the north-eastern tip of Tobago. Fishing is big business in this village as it contributes around 60% to Tobago's overall fishing catch. It's the best place on the island to try some delicious seafood and you know it's fresh as you can see the locals catching fish throughout the day.

There are some beautiful beaches surrounding Charlotteville, it boasts a beautiful mile-long sandy stretch with waters that are great for swimming. The largest of Charlotteville's bays is the Man of War Bay, horseshoe-shaped with golden sands and fringed with palm trees.

Lover's Bay is a smaller bay but it's a pretty one with multi-coloured sand, offering some of the best snorkelling on the island. Head down a short dirt track and you'll find Pirate's Bay.

It's your stereotypical desert island beach as it is isolated from the rest of the village, but many people still visit it every year. Film buffs may just recognise this charming bay as it was one of the key locations used during the filming of the original Robinson Crusoe, filmed in 1952.

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