Buccoo Reef in Tobago

Buccoo Reef is the largest coral reef in Tobago and it is also one of the most visited. After years of damage by tourists and locals, it was designated as a marine park in 1973, so there's now more protection in place to make sure the corals are looked after and not mistreated. This protected park is just off the coast of Buccoo Beach and a short distance from Pigeon Point and Store Bay.

Snorkel your way around this colourful underwater world and get up close and personal to the reef. There's such a variety with large colonies of brain coral, starlet coral and star coral in beautiful pink, purple and peach colours, all ready for you to explore.

You can explore the waters without even getting wet on a glass-bottom boat, it's a really popular way of seeing the reef as people of all ages can enjoy it. As well as the corals, keep an eye out for the tropical fish such as trigger and parrot fish.

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