Cueva de Saturno

In English, ”Cueva de Saturno' translates as ”Cave of Saturn'. It's situated 1km south of the Via Blanca and is one of Varadero's top tourist attractions. Cueva de Saturno is a freshwater subterranean cave with temperatures averaging around 20℃. You can book onto a tour that will take you to the caves, where you can either snorkel or scuba dive in its refreshing waters. If you choose to scuba dive, you have the chance to dive 22 metres below the surface, giving you the best opportunity to see everything deep within the cave. The cave features beautiful stalactite and stalagmite rock formations, as well as a variety of different fish and blind shrimps. It is highly recommended that you visit the ”Cave of Saturn' whilst on holiday in Varadero. There aren't many people around the world who can say they've dived 22 metres deep into a freshwater cave in Cuba.

Cueva de Saturno image

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