Pink Sand Beach in The Bahamas

On the east side of the beautiful Harbour Island is one of the most renowned beaches in the whole of the Bahamas. The Pink Sand Beachis a visually stunning and remarkable coastal attraction that draws thousands of visitors from across the world. You'll be keen to join them and share in the wonderful and unusual scenery of this marine marvel.

The sea around the area is home to microscopic creatures called Foraminifera, who leave behind colourful materials. Their tiny pink bodies and bright pink or red shells end up lending their colour to the sands. The result is a breathtaking pink beach.

As you walk down its rosy shoals, you'll see how the tone gradually fades as you head inland. At the shoreline where the waves break, the colour is at its deepest, verging on a pale red. Further up, the beach turns to a coral shade, and finally white as it reaches its end. The tide brings in the majority of the colour, so it's more concentrated right at the water's edge.

Your footsteps will also leave lighter marks than the sand around them, so you can trace back your steps across the beach.

The most wonderful times to take a stroll on the Pink Sand Beachare at sunrise and sunset. It's at this time when the brilliant contrast between the sea, sand and sky reaches its peak. The orange hues of the sun clash with the pinks of the beach, with the rich azures of the sea holding them apart. It's a spectacular view that has to be seen to be believed.

But sightseeing and strolls aren't the only things that should attract you to the Pink Sand Beach. With remarkably slow currents, underwater visibility is wonderful, so you've got the perfect conditions for snorkelling. You'll be able to see far into the distance and explore the waters with ease. The keen-eyed might even catch a glimpse of the Foraminifera.

Of course, there's always sunbathing to be had, and on thePink Sand Beach, the setting is especially good. The cool temperature of the beach means you're even able to lie directly on the sand if you fancy it. A light breeze blows in over the beach so you'll stay cool while you soak up the rays.

Make sure you head to the authentic Pink Sand Beach. There are several beaches across the Bahamas that are also advertised as 'pink sand beaches', but the one on Harbour Island is the genuine article. Others may have some smaller elements of the original, but none can match its unique beauty, fantastic surroundings and perfect conditions.

The beach is ideal for a day trip, but with luxury accommodation across Harbour Island, you could easily spend a week, or longer, enjoying this beautiful location. And why not? This is one of the most unusual beaches in the world, and you'll find yourself thinking of it long after you've departed. It's truly an essential destination for any holiday to the Bahamas.  

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