Cat Island in The Bahamas

Cat Island is a glimmering jewel in the heart of the Bahamas. This small island is pristine and perfect, an ideal escape from it all. Taking the name from infamous pirate Arthur Catt, the island wows visitors with its idyllic beauty. A quick boat ride from Nassau and Paradise Island, and near the very centre of the tropic of Cancer, Cat Island is in a great location for a tropical retreat.

With pleasant weather all year round, and winters easily in the fifty degrees, there's never a bad time for you to visit. It's filled with your typical tropical attractions. Tiki bars, palm trees and cottages line the pink sand beaches.

On top of that, there are fantastic resorts dotted around the small island. Each one is ideal if you're looking for sun and seclusion. The best activity to take part in on Cat Island is relaxing and doing nothing at all. With the great sunbathing spots and miles of beaches, you're spoilt for choice. The bars and restaurants on the island have a breezy and laid-back feel, and they all serve top-notch food and delicious cocktails.

A few miles to the west is the tiny little San Salvador Island. This private island is owned by a cruise company who use it as an exclusive resort for their customers.

If you get a chance to enjoy a cruise around the Bahamas, this excursion is definitely worth it. The idyllic beach captures all the elements of paradise you'd imagine from a tropical island. If you're a diver, you'll want to check out the Big Blue Hole. Also known as the Mermaid Hole, it's said to be home to mythical creatures who drown unwary travellers. In fact, the ocean current runs through the cavern below and drags anything thrown in out to sea. It's a beautiful, intriguing peek into an abyss that's perfect for thrill seekers.

On the hills are the ruins of the Deveaux Mansion and the Armbrister Plantation, stark monuments to the colourful past of the island. The hermitage stone monastery on Mount Alvernia rewards you with views of the whole island.

You'll also be able to gaze at the surrounding coast. As the highest point in the Bahamas, it's the perfect place to take in the beauty of the turquoise seas. You won't want to miss Cat Island's beautiful creeks. Armbrister Creek flows into a clear lake called "Boiling Point". Here, tidal conditions cause bubbles and burps, which lead to folklore of a sea monster below its surface. Rays and baby sharks live in the lake as well as numerous birds nesting along its mangrove fringe. You'll love the unspoilt serenity of Cat Island.

You'll find perfect white sand beaches, pristine forests and unparalleled natural beauty here, where tourists don't usually travel. Rustic and remote, it's a must see on any holiday in the Bahamas.

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