Bacardi Island Dominican Republic

This small private island is also known as Cayo Levantado, and inherited its English name after it was featured in a commercial for the famous producer of spirits. So the beaches here might seem surprisingly familiar! Bacardi Island, Dominican Republic lies in Samaná Bay, just a short boat journey from the Dominican Republic's north-eastern coast, which, like the rest of the island's coastal and low-lying areas, has a tropical climate. It's about a three-hour drive or 187km from Santo Domingo, the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic. The nearest international airport to the island, Samaná El Catey.

Here are the top things to do during your holiday to Bacardi Island:

1. Relax on the beach

It might seem obvious, but often the best things in life are the simplest. Sit back and unwind on Bacardi Island's incredible sandy beaches and just take in all that wonderful scenery. Whether you love to dive into a long book, put your earphones on, or spend quality time with loved ones, this is what a holiday to the Caribbean is all about. Bacardi Island Dominican Republic is home to three sandy beaches in total, and an impressive coral reef teeming with marine life. It has little in the way of nightlife, however, which means it's well suited to holidaymakers seeking a peaceful, laid-back atmosphere rather than pumping clubs and noisy bars. As always, when you're out and about, be sure to apply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

2. Go snorkelling or scuba-diving

Pop on a mask, dip your face under the water and prepare to be dazzled! Book a Bacardi Island snorkelling or scuba-diving adventure to discover the magnificent life just below the water surface. It's a good idea to buy or rent a waterproof camera beforehand so you'll be able to capture the amazing colours and share them with family and friends afterwards.

3. Explore the Los Haitises National Park

One place you have to visit during your holiday to Bacardi Island is the Los Haitises National Park to the west, which is noted for its thriving bird life and is a popular area for ecotourism. Book a guided tour on a catamaran and explore the beautiful mangrove forests via the park's canals. Visit the stunning beach of Cueva de la Arena and the dramatic cave of Cueva de la Linea, then enjoy a delicious Dominican lunch at the Yanigua Spa.

4. Visit the El Limón Waterfall

Another place that you should include on your holiday itinerary is the Limón Waterfall, known in Spanish as the Cascada El Limón. Towering above you, it has a fantastic swimming hole at its base where you can cool off instantly, as the water is very cold. The best way to visit this waterfall is to travel by horse, and you can book a horseback-riding tour from the town of Las Terrenas, just over an hour from Bacardi Island (after you reach the mainland). For a dream holiday in the sun, sea and sand, the gorgeous beaches and lush countryside of Bacardi Island Dominican Republic area have it all.

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