Museo Maya De Cancun Mexico

Wander through the contemporary Museo Maya De Cancun, and be transported back in time as you discover the fascinating rise and fall of the ancient Mayan empire.

Take a short stroll along Kukulkan Boulevard in the hotel district or hop on public transport to make your way to this incredible museum, which welcomes one million visitors through its doors every year. Take a stroll through the museum's three cool, air-conditioned exhibition halls as you spend a couple of hours away from the heat of the Cancun sun.

Along the way, you'll discover more than 350 Mayan artefacts, including artwork, jewellery, pottery, burial masks and ancient tools. One of the most fascinating exhibits is the skeletal remains of la Mujer de las Palmas or (the Woman of the Palms). Discovered in the underwater caves or ”cenotes' near Tulum, she dates back an incredible 10,000-12,000 years to the time of the ice age.

Once you've explored the three exhibition halls, head outside and take a walk through the San Miguelito archaeological site, a beautiful green oasis located alongside the museum. As you make your way along the gravel path in the cooling shade of the trees, you'll discover 40 Mayan structures, including an impressive eight metre tall pyramid. The ancient ruins are included in the general admission price.

To make the most of your cultural discovery, why not take the one mile walk to the southern hotel zone where you'll discover the popular and easily-accessible El Rey ruins. The site is also home to an impressive number of iguanas!

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