Visit Negril's hummingbird sanctuary

The Negril's Hummingbird Sanctuary is a tranquil spot filled with beautiful exotic plants that serve as an important habitat for Jamaica's famous hummingbirds. Also known as Barney's Hummingbird Garden, it's a wonderful place to get in touch with nature and try something different during your holiday, as well as see these little winged jewels as they buzz around the flowers. Throughout the year, at the Negril's Hummingbird Sanctuary, you'll be able to visit the gardens, which have beautiful exotic flowers on display; all thanks to Jamaica's tropical climate. These range from gorgeous Thunbergia, especially popular with hummingbirds, to Aloe Vera plants, that you probably use at home yourself. Here you can see them growing in their natural environment. Did you know that the hummingbird is the tiniest bird species in the world? Yet, it can see and hear better than humans and even has the ability to remember every flower it has visited. That's one clever little bird.

Great for photography


If you're interested in nature or landscape photography, or want an authentic Jamaican garden scene for a family portrait, Negril's Hummingbird Sanctuary is the perfect choice. It is the perfect spot for photographers, whether you're here with a bag full of lenses and a top of the range DSLR, or are just taking snaps with your phone camera.


About the Doctor Bird


The Doctor Bird, also called the Red-billed streamertail, lives on tiny insects or nectar, and is native to Jamaica. Ian Fleming, the creator of the James bond books, referred to it as the most beautiful bird on the island, in his novel '"For Your Eyes Only", which was adapted into a film.


How to get to the Negril's Hummingbird Sanctuary


You'll find the Negril's Hummingbird Sanctuary just to the east of West End Road and only a short drive from the West End cliffs. Yet it is so far removed from the bustling bars and clubs along the coast, you'll feel a world away from the usual crowds. As the sanctuary states, this is the place to experience nature in all its glory.


Other attractions


If you're after a bit of action, head to the Kool Runnings Water Park, where you'll find all kinds of adventure activities like water slides, paintballing, astronaut experiences, go kart racing, and more. This is the perfect day out, whenever you're after an alternative to the beach, and the kids will love it!


Visit Rick's Café


You should drop into Rick's Café, one of Jamaica's most popular attractions. It's famous for being one of the island's best places to see the enchanting sunset. It also serves fantastic Jamaican and international cuisine, which ranges from spicy jerk chicken to lobster linguine. The location is perfect as its right next to a steep cliff, near the western fringe of the island, and can be reached in about ten minutes from the centre of Negril; so you won't have to worry about a long journey. From the Negril's Hummingbird Sanctuary, it's just 2km away, or around a 5 minute drive in the car.    


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