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Blue Hole

If you're looking for heaven on earth the Blue Hole, Jamaica is idyllic. It's completely unspoiled, a real haven for those wanting to see the best this island has to offer. Below are our favourite things to see and do here, we've put together this list to help you make the most of this very special place.

Take some snaps


There's plenty of luscious greenery and tropical flowers at the Blue Hole. If you're a budding photographer, you'll be in your element. There are tons of stunning things you'll want to capture, so make sure you've got plenty of memory on your card and get snapping.


Jump into the water


Once you're there, you'll be blown away by how fresh and inviting the blue water is. So, jump in and enjoy a quick dip. You can either hop down from the rocks that are roughly six-foot-high or swing down using the nearby rope. If you don't fancy jumping, you can gently descend the rocks at your own pace. However, it's probably better to take the plunge because the water's pretty cold, which makes it harder to slip in gradually.


Explore the cave


When you're in, you'll notice a small cave; it's hidden by the water cascading down the rocks, so keep an eye out for it. Head inside, and climb the rock, then take a seat and soak in the gorgeous atmosphere and picturesque scenery. You'll never have seen anything as pretty as the Blue Hole from this viewpoint.


The secret falls


If you find you eventually get bored of the Blue Hole (which we're sure will take a while), ask your guide for directions to the 'secret falls', also known as the 'Island Gully Falls.' There's a small trail that follows the length of the river that'll take you there; it's roughly a 10-minute walk.


Enjoy your stroll


As you make your way to the 'secret falls' look around you, and enjoy the mini rainforest that lines the trail. You'll be thankful for the abundance of trees that provide cooling shade, so no matter how hot it gets, the hike should be a relatively comfortable one.


Sip on fresh coconut milk


There's plenty of locals selling fresh coconuts, and there's nothing better than drinking coconut water straight from the shell; it's both tasty and refreshing; the perfect finish to a tropical day out.