16 Things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica is a tropical island with a landscape and history that merge at every corner. This country has everything from jungles filled with parrots and hummingbirds, to sandy beaches with Caribbean waters. Holidays here could see you enjoying traditional jerk chicken, vibing to the laid-back strains of the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival, or even shooting the rapids on the Rio Grande. With so many things to do, you'll have a trip filled with unforgettable experiences.

Dive into warm waters

Lying just south of Cuba in the Caribbean, Jamaica's sea temperature is warm all year round. This makes swimming in its tropical waters fun for everybody. In fact, when it comes to Jamaica's points of interest, its wonderful marine life is definitely top of the list. Fantastic snorkelling can be had off Lime Cay, a tiny island just a 15-minute boat ride from Kingston's Port Royal. And if you're looking for every colour of fish imaginable, submerge yourself in the Montego Bay Marine Park. Here, your whole family will have the time of your lives swimming with tropical sea creatures and snorkelling over the vivid coral reef.

Magical island sights

With boat trips leaving every night, taking a tour to the Luminous Lake is one of the most amazing things to do in Jamaica. A scientific marvel, millions of microorganisms light up and glow when the water is disturbed. As the boat moves across the lake, or when you jump in for a swim, it's like floating in starlight.

Explore inland 

With waterfalls, jungles and mountains, Jamaica is an island full of stunning landscapes. Offering walks to suit every level, taking a guided hike in the Blue Mountains is one of the best ways to see this unique region. Not for you? Hop onto a traditional raft and watch the jungle go by as you're expertly steered down the Rio Bueno. Listen to the exotic bird calls and keep an eye out for local wildlife. Don't forget your camera!

Jamaica's vibrant culture

With bright colours and tropical terrain, Jamaica is a naturally spirited place. But it doesn't stop with the scenery. Culture pours out of every nook and cranny and one of the best places to experience it is on Hip Strip in Montego Bay. Along this two-mile street (officially named Gloucester Avenue) you’ll be treated to lively music, the chance to buy delicious local foods, and an array of stalls selling traditional handmade crafts - perfect for souvenirs. When you reach the far end, you'll just want to turn around and do it all again!

Marley all the way

No adventure in Jamaica would be complete without a taste of Bob Marley's life and achievements. Visit the reggae star's home, now a much-visited museum, and really get a feel for Bob Marley's inspiration and music. With lots of tours celebrating his life, from a quick glimpse that won’t bore your little ones to a full-day immersive experience that’ll please your soul, you can have exactly the Marley experience that suits you.

Family fun for everyone

Jamaica is a very family-friendly nation and there's plenty for children to do. With water parks, jungle ziplines and gently shelving beaches, kids of all ages will have the time of their lives. Who knows, you might even get the chance to kick back on the golden sand while they splash in the clear water and get busy with their buckets and spades. With pools, spas and action-packed activities, there are so many things for families to do in Jamaica you'll want another holiday here next year!

Things to do

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