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Jamaica Currency

The official currency in Jamaica in the Jamaican Dollar. All Inclusive resorts and key tourist areas also use US Dollars. Credit and debit cards are accepted in major tourist areas, and you can withdraw Jamaican Dollars from ATMs.

Which currency is best to take?

A spot of research before you go will answer any questions. If you’re heading to an All Inclusive Resort, then US Dollars will be ideal for any locally payable extras. Likewise, a major hotel in a tourist centre will accept USD. In tourist spots, prices will be in both USD and/or Jamaican Dollars. If you think you will spend all your time in the resort, then USD will be your best option.

If you want to get out and explore more of what Jamaica has to offer, we recommend taking Jamaican Dollars. Using Jamaican Dollars often works out cheaper at smaller guest houses, local shops and restaurants, because of local exchange rates.

What about notes and coins?

US Dollars are accepted in tourist areas, but if you pay with a note you’ll receive Jamaica currency coins as change. This can be an unfavourable rate. If you’re planning to go off the beaten track and explore less touristy areas as part of your holiday, we recommend taking Jamaican Dollars, to get the best prices

Where can I buy Jamaica Currency?

Jamaican Dollars can be obtained at banks, cambios, and at hotels. Be cautious of airport exchange rates.