Luxury holidays to Skiathos

What better place to go to for an unforgettable luxury holiday than the Greek Island of Skiathos. Explore the thick pine forests on the hills, before wandering out into one of the many beautiful golden beaches that stretch out along its coastline.

With exceptional views of the Aegean Sea and white cubed houses scattered about the island, you'll feel like you've just stepped into a mini paradise. Crystal clear waters invite you in for a swim, while the blazing sun provides hours of lovely sunshine each day.

When you first escape on your Skiathos luxury holiday, expect to find quaint villages with friendly locals that go out of their way to make you feel right at home. Sink your feet into the soft sands of Troulos beach before heading to Skiathos Town for a few drinks at the bar. You'll also be within walking distance to the beautiful House of Papadiamantis, which has its own museum and is well worth a visit if you want to find out more about Skiathos literary culture.

Head to Evangelistria for a peaceful getaway, spend your days surrounded by beautiful pine forests and dining in exquisite restaurants in the heart of the village. Book one of our fantastic Skiathos luxury holidays today and start looking forward to your luxurious getaway on this beautiful island.

Best luxury hotels in Skiathos