Skiathos Sailing Trips

Prepare for a memorable trip across shimmering Aegean waves with Skiathos sailing trips.

Most of the island's sailing companies operate from Skiathos Town, which is around half an hour's drive from Koukounaries. If you're taking the bus, then go all the way to bus stop 1 and you'll get off just a few steps from Skiathos New Port.

Here you'll find operators such as Sail the Day and Skiathos Sailing. You can choose from a number of different trips, whether you want to spend more time sailing or stopping off and jumping in the sea.

Explore the stunning coastlines of a number of Sporades islands, or journey the whole way around Skiathos and stop off at places like Lalaria in the north. There are trips that last two days or more, where you stop for the night in some beautiful spots, such as Alonissos with its National Marine Park.

After you've picked your company and trip, take a look back at Skiathos Town as you move away from the harbour, which spills down towards the water's edge. Then turn your gaze out across the sea, which sparkles as it catches the sun, and leads your eyes towards islands like little Maragos and Tsougria in the distance. Whether you're in it for the long haul or just the day, you can look forward to seeing leaping dolphins and colourful marine life, as well as a tasty meal onboard the yacht.

Have a laugh with the captain and crew, who'll bring you back to Skiathos Town, where you can catch the bus or drive back to Koukounaries. Round off your day with some cocktails at La Bussola Bar.

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