Things to do in Dalaman

If you’re wondering what to do in Turkey on your holidays, you’ll find there are plenty of things to do in Dalaman. Famous for its beautiful, unspoilt beaches, Dalaman offers the ideal conditions for anyone who wants nothing more than to kick back, relax, and soak up some sunshine. However, if you prefer your holidays a little livelier, you’ll find there’s plenty on offer, whatever your interests.

For authentic, Turkish cuisine, take a trip to Kalkan and sample some of the local specialities. Alternatively, you can seek out some mythology with a visit to the birthplace of Father Christmas (Saint Nicolas) in Myra, or see Turkey’s answer to Atlantis: the sunken city of Kekova. For a mixture of mythology and historical fact, the Rock Tombs at the Dalyan Delta make for a fascinating day out. However, if you’re having second thoughts and just want to unwind, take an invigorating mud bath. In Dalaman, things to do come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to make your downtime your own.

Hit the Beach

Without doubt, Dalaman’s beaches are some of the highlights of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Ölüdeniz Beach offers a mile of soft, golden sands, which shelve gently into the sapphire seas. An officially-protected beach, it’s also home to the tropical beauty of the Blue Lagoon; a sheltered expanse of warm, clear water surrounded by fine pebbles and sand. Swimmers, snorkellers, and scuba-divers come here to catch a glimpse of passing loggerhead turtles, or to admire shimmering shoals of fish.

Dine Out in Kalkan

Among Kalkan’s narrow, whitewashed streets you’ll find traditional tavernas and restaurants serving authentic Turkish cuisine. As it’s so close to the sea, fresh fish is something of a speciality here. Don’t worry if you’re not keen on fish, because the local farms keep the restaurants stocked with super-fresh produce and ingredients. By day, the local hotels and eateries transform their roofs into dining areas, so you can enjoy a delicious dinner with fantastic views of the bay.

Santa and Atlantis!

Myra and Kekova are two of the most exciting things to do in Dalaman, particularly if you’re a lover of myth and legend. Myra is the supposed birthplace of everyone’s favourite chimney-dweller, Father Christmas. The story of Santa is based on the life of St Nicholas, the bishop of Myra, who would give gifts to the poor and needy children of the town. St Nick is an important part of local legend, and you can even visit the church built in his honour.

Kekova is Turkey’s answer to Atlantis: an entire town that sank beneath the waves, as the result of a catastrophic earthquake!

The Dalyan Delta

The Dalyan Delta and its imposing Rock Tombs will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in history. Carved into the rock, the tombs are best seen from the deck of a boat, but this stunning delta was made to explore on foot, so hop off the boat, and head onto dry land. The beaches are almost always empty and offer the perfect opportunity to see some of the native wildlife in its natural habitat, as well as migrating birds, such as herons and stork.

Mud, glorious mud!

For the ultimate in relaxing things to do in Dalaman, make a beeline for the mud baths in the nearby Koycegiz Lake and bathe in the Sultaniye hot springs. Rich in sulphur, these mud springs have been used for centuries by everyone from the Romans and the Lycians, in the belief that the mud had almost magical properties which, according to local legend, will leave you looking ten years younger. While there’s no guarantee, it’s a fun, relaxing and different way to spend an afternoon.

1. Relax in a mud bath

One of the best ways to relax in Dalaman is with a long soak in a mud bath. People come from all over to take a dip in these baths because of the mud’s rejuvenating properties.
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2. Check out Kalkan

If you’re feeling peckish, pop over to Kalkan where you’ll find lots of restaurants to choose from. This charming old fishing village rises up into
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