47 Things to do in Dalaman

Known for its unspoilt beaches, mud spas and delicious cuisine, in Dalaman things to do are easy to come by. Located on the southwestern coast of Turkey, you're almost guaranteed endless sunshine no matter when you arrive, which opens your itinerary up to a lot of fantastic activities. Whether you dream of lazing by the Blue Lagoon or exploring ancient cities, you can do it all and more when you visit Dalaman.

Things to do

Along the stunning Turkish coast, you'll find the idyllic crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon. Take off your shoes and dip your toes in or enjoy a relaxing swim in the sheltered sapphire waters near Ölüdeniz Beach. This is also a great spot for snorkelling, scuba diving and windsurfing, so make sure you take a towel.

When you've worked up an appetite, head to Kalkan for authentic Turkish cuisine. The local seafood is always fresh and delicious, making it a popular choice with the locals. For a romantic view, go for dinner at one of the many rooftop restaurants where you can sit out in the fresh air and overlook the shimmering shoreline.

Places to visit

Dalaman is one of those rare places that's shrouded with mystery and enchantment. One of the most interesting places to visit in Dalaman is the eerie ghost town of Kayaköy. Abandoned in the 1920s, this dusty town is fun to explore as you'll get to wander through its quiet streets and visit the museum it's become. If you're a fan of scuba diving, visit the underwater town of Kekova. Mimicking the legend of Atlantis, this small town met its demise when a catastrophic earthquake hit and sank the entire town beneath the ocean.

Top attractions

Hop in a boat and explore a few of the best Dalaman places to see in one epic voyage along the Dalyan River. Keep an eye out for loggerhead sea turtles sleeping on the sandy shores and enjoy a relaxing journey along winding routes. Along the way, you'll pass famous landmarks such as the Lycian Rock Tombs. Dating back to 400 BC, these tombs have intricate carvings that can be seen clearly from the river.

Dalaman's attractions are marvellous but it isn't just the spectacular beaches and historical artefacts that have people coming from far and wide to visit. Dalaman is also home to some of the best mud baths in the world. So, if you're in the mood to unwind and de-stress, head to the Koycegiz Lake and submerge yourself in the soothing waters of Sultaniye hot springs. The mud is thought to have healing properties that rewind the effects of age on your skin. Although it's not scientifically proven to be true, it's still worth a shot.

In the evenings, let your hair down in a club or bar and dance the night away to live music. Cabaret shows are common in Hisaronu, so if you're into live performances with lots of colour and dancing, this one's for you.


Things to do

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