Sightseeing in Marmaris

Enjoy a day wandering around Marmaris' town, browsing the souvenir shops and seeing all that there is to see around the popular resort. Spend your afternoon in the traditional Grand Bazaar where you can have fun haggling over a fair price for local fabrics, spices and trinkets.

Head to one of Marmaris' most famous attractions and view all the exhibits at the 16th century Marmaris Castle which sits proudly overlooking the town. Stroll around the ancient stone structure and climb the towers for panoramic views of the marina.

In the evening, make your way down to the town centre to see the dancing fountains and enjoy the light show and water jets which move in time with the music. A different story is told of the local area each night, which means it's a great pre-dinner show before you dine on a delicious meal in the square.

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