Dalyan Tombs Turkey

There are lots of reasons to visit the Dalyan Delta, but one of the best reasons is the fascinating rock tombs which have been carved into the cliffs. You can have a fun day as you wander around the beautiful delta and meet the different animals that live in the area including heron, stork and many other kinds of birds. You'll find empty beaches with untouched sand to lie back on and enjoy the peace and quiet. You may need to take a few things with you, but it'll be worth it so that you have miles of glorious beach to yourself. The must see attraction of the Dalyan Delta is the mysterious Lycian Tombs. Carved into the rock face thousands of years ago, your mind will boggle as you see the extreme lengths the builders went to keep the tombs together. To get the best view of the tombs and the rest of the coastline, take a boat ride.

Dalyan Tombs Turkey image

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