Grand Ucel Aqua Park Turkey

Enjoy a fun day out for the whole family with a visit to the Grand Ucel Aqua Park. As part of a hotel, the water park is a good size and has plenty of slides to keep your little ones entertained. It's smaller than the Water World Aqua Park though, perfect for keeping an eye on the kids. Found to the north of town, it's only around ten minutes by car from Olu Deniz Beach, a cheap ride in the taxi. Or if you're staying further inland, you might feel like stretching your legs and walking to the park. Arriving at the park, set down your things by one of the swimming pools as you claim a spot for your stay. When you're ready to jump into the water, have a go on slides like Helterskelter, SpaceHole and Freefall, which isn't for the fainthearted. If you have young children, they'll love the Octopus slide with its shallow pool, while there's also a smaller play pool where you can have some fun. When it's time to relax, sit back in the jacuzzi pool and let the jets of water give you a nice massage. You should be aware that you're not allowed to take your own food into the park, so don't waste time making a picnic before you go. There's a large restaurant in the park where you can sit down in the shade for a quick bite and a refreshing drink. After an exciting morning at the Grand Ucel Aqua Park, spend the afternoon exploring the Kidrak Natural Park with its beautiful unspoilt beach.

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