Water World Aqua Park, Olu Deniz

For a family fun and action-packed day out in Oludeniz, make sure you visit Water World Aqua Park. With the warm sunshine beaming down it's nice to be able to head to a waterpark like this and cool down. The Water World Aqua Park is home to a selection of fun waterslides, a lazy river, cabana bar, and kids' club. It's one of Turkey's most popular waterparks with lots of colourful slides to keep you and the kids entertained all day. You can easily spend the entire day in this park and with restaurants within walking distance, there's really no reason to leave!

Slides and Attractions

As soon as you set foot inside the Water World Aqua Park, it's not hard to guess where everyone will head first. Home to a variety of epic waterslides, this waterpark in Oludeniz will keep the whole family engrossed for hours. The good news is that there is a mix of high-intensity slides and slower ones for younger kids. So, whether you want something fast-paced and exciting or a more laid-back waterslide experience, this park has got it all. One of the most exciting rides is the Twister. As you can imagine, there are lots of twists and turns in this one and it ends with a huge plunge into the water at the bottom. It's a great slide for all ages but perhaps a little too fast and furious if you're a little nervous about heights. Some other fast ones include the Red Devil and the Kamikaze. The Boomerang and Screamer are brilliant ways to get your heart pumping. But, if you really want a challenge, climb to the top of the Drop. This thrill ride is a free fall straight into the water below. If you're brave enough, you better brace yourself for the adrenaline rush you'll feel as you plummet to the bottom. If you've got little ones with you on holiday, take them to the enjoyable kids' play area in the Water World Aqua Park. Here, they're away from all the older kids and there's minimal splashing around. They'll have lots of fun playing in the shallow pool. There's even a few gentle slides they can tackle as many times as they like. Whenever you want some time to yourself, you can also drop your kids off at the kids' club. Professionals will look after your kids while you explore the rest of the park. Don't worry, they'll have a wonderful time painting and playing with all the toys at the kids' club. The Wave Pool is a lot of fun and you can have a fantastic time rafting from one side to the other. The water mimics gentle sea waves, which is a lot of fun and it gives you an opportunity to practice your rafting skills. If you need a break, hop on a giant inflatable ring and float along the lazy river as you soak up the warm sunshine.

Food and Drink

Having fun all day can really take it out of you. So, when you need to recuperate and recharge your batteries, head into the main restaurant for a bite to eat. Enjoy a range of traditional Turkish dishes while the kids choose something from the children's menu such as nuggets, chips, burgers and pizzas. If you just need a quick pick-me-up, you can grab an ice cream or a refreshing beverage from the café.

Lockers and Storage

When you arrive, remember that you don't have to carry all of your belongings everywhere you go. You can use the locker facility to store your valuables and use a card to buy food and drinks. They don't accept cash in the park, so you'll pay for things by loading money onto your card. If you still have money left on it before you leave, the staff will gladly refund the remaining amount to your account.

How to get there

Water World Aqua Park is located north of Oludeniz, which you can easily walk to if you're staying nearby. Oludeniz is around 15 minutes from the waterpark, so it won't take long to reach it from the town centre. Of course, you can always get a taxi or make the most out of the shuttle bus service that runs from certain hotels to the waterpark and back again.

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