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The weather in Fuerteventura is hot, sunny and windy. You’ll need to hold onto your hat as the region is known for its strong trade winds that blow in from the northeast. In the summer, the winds bring relief from the heat but they can get quite chilly in winter, lowering temperatures and making it much colder.

The hottest time of year in Fuerteventura is between the months of July and September, where averages reach upwards of 25°C. Warm breezes from the African coastline can bring hotter weather to the region and increase temperatures in Fuerteventura to highs of 40°C. Humidity is usually low with very little rainfall. The sea is warm at 22°C, which is ideal for swimming and taking part in water sports.

Fuerteventura weather is wet and windy from December to March. Most of the region’s annual rainfall of 147mm falls during this time in the form of short and light showers. The average temperature is generally between 15°C and 22°C, which is very mild and enjoyable. You can expect around seven hours of sunshine with temperatures increasing to 23°C in spring.

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