Fuerteventura - currency

The currency used in Fuerteventura is the euro (€).

Fuerteventura’s in the Eurozone, as it’s part of Spain. So swap your pounds sterling for euros and you’ll be ready to buy all the Majorero cheese, volcanic stone keyrings and jugs of sangria you want! Order today with Thomas Cook Travel Money and have your spends delivered straight to your door, fast.

Money, shopping and tipping in Fuerteventura:
• Coins and notes are used a lot more in Fuerteventura than they are in the UK.
• Most shops, hotels and restaurants do accept card payments - for extra security, a travel money card is a good call.
• Ask your bank if there are any charges for using your cards abroad, or those low-tax bargains might not turn out to be as cheap as you thought.
• It’s best to use cash for smaller purchases in bars and cafes, such as a drink or some tapas.
• You’ll also need cash if you’re shopping at markets.
• Cash machines are easy to find in popular resorts and bigger towns, but not in little villages. So keep that in mind if you’re heading out exploring.
• Make sure you leave a 10% tip after a meal, assuming all’s gone well, and small change (e.g. 50 cents or a euro) if you’ve popped in somewhere for a drink.
• Taking a taxi? Most passengers round up the fare to the next 5 or 10 euros, so drivers often won’t give you any change unless you’re clear about how much you want back!
• As anywhere, hotel cleaners are quite low paid so do leave a small daily tip for them - imagine cleaning in that heat! It’s a good idea to leave a message with the tip so they know it’s meant for them, or up your game and pack some envelopes to leave it in.