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Whether you want to relax on a sun-bleached beach, explore modern cities, watch the world go by from a rustic, harbour-side café or get to grips with some Europe’s most spectacular scenery, you can make your holidays to Croatia exactly what you want them to be. Families who want to enjoy some time together will find plenty to see and do, from river-kayaking in the mountains of the Gorski Kota province, to exploring the unspoilt beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National Parks. Couples can step back in time and visit the Roman ruins at Split, the medieval cathedral of Sibenik or sit in a sleepy bar and enjoy a leisurely rakija. With so much to see and do, you can make your Croatia holidays exactly what you want them to be.

Things to do

From white marble beaches to untouched islands with luscious green forestry, Croatia’s landscape is a perfect picture waiting to happen. Take a day trip to Zlatni Ratz beach where you’ll enjoy turquoise waters and a lively atmosphere. When you’ve had your share of sun lounging, hop on a bus to the historic city of Dubrovnik. If you arrive at the peak of summer you’ll experience the city’s vibrant Summer Festival in full swing. At any other time of the year, a simple wander around the old town to observe the medieval architecture and ancient monuments is a must.

Where to stay

With its trendy restaurants and famous Zlatni Ratz beach, Brac Island is the perfect location for energetic culture-seekers and watersports lovers. For a slower pace, head west to the city of Rovinj. Here holidaymakers are greeted with charming cobbled streets, ancient architecture and a thriving art scene. An al fresco meal in the old town promises to be one of the most pleasant moments of your trip. Further south of the country is Dubrovnik. Known as the ‘Gem of Croatia’, this bustling city is not only the location for several summer festivals, but home to the famous ancient city walls.

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9 - 30 ℃

If you’re looking for a warm break with plenty of sunshine, book your holidays to Croatia between May and August, when the temperature climbs from the mid-twenties, into the early thirties.

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2-3 hours

Between two and three hours, depending on where you fly from and to.
Pula Airport (PUY) is located five miles northwest of the city of Pula; Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is located approximately nine and a half miles from Dubrovnik city centre; Split Airport (SPU) is located 15.5 miles southeast of the city of Split.

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