26 Things to do in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a land of contrasts, with its snowy mountains and huge capital city Sofia in the west, and its golden sand beaches, Black Sea resorts and historic trading cities in the east. In between are rolling hills, lakes, fields, and truly magical rugged landscapes complete with tiny villages and ancient fortresses.

Black Sea coastline

If you're visiting Bulgaria's Black Sea coastline, you'll soon discover there's plenty to do. Sunny Beach is the ideal place to kick off your shoes and relax under the sun, while the children can try water sports and splash in the shallows.

Bulgaria's biggest historic trading port of Varna is just up the coast and is well worth a visit. Explore the beautiful museums and see the vast Cathedral in the heart of the city. With so much historic architecture to see, plenty of restaurants serving delicious food, and even an aquarium to visit, Varna is a great day trip for everyone.

Further south past Sunny Beach is the city of Nessebar. Visit the old town, now a UNESCO World Heritage site to wander cobbled streets, look at ancient buildings, and see the ruins of civilisations, long since past. This city also has plenty of unique shops and markets where you can buy traditional Bulgarian gifts to remember your trip by.

Bulgaria for children

There are lots of things to do in Bulgaria with children and if you find yourself in the eastern coast, take them for a day out to one of the amazing waterparks. With aquaparks in both Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, it's a splashtastic family day out where you'll all have fun under the sun.

Further south, you can go diving at Duni or try water sports for any age along the Black Sea coastline.

Why not take the children out sailing on a catamaran trip? Bulgarian food is child-friendly too, with delicious mild flavours and yummy favourites like meatballs and french fries with Bulgarian cheese grated on top. Delicious!

Explore Bulgaria's wonderful landscapes

Whether you're relaxing on the peaceful beaches at Duni, exploring the cultural sights of Sozopol, or hiking through Strandja National Park, Bulgaria is full of gorgeous landscapes and unexpected treasures. Visit Beglik Tash between historic Sozopol and the Turkish border for a unique experience.

An ancient ceremonial site, Beglik Task is made up of huge volcanic rocks, many placed for specific purposes. Hire a guide or walk around by yourself to see one of the most incredible things to do in Bulgaria.

With hot springs, birdlife and vibrant forests, the Golden Sands Natural Park is one of the most beautiful places to see in Bulgaria. With red deer and wild boar, this is a haven for animals and plants and you'll feel like you've wandered into a whole new world.

Go high up in Bulgaria's mountainous regions

Bulgaria's the perfect destination if you love the Great Outdoors, and over in the western mountains, you'll have plenty of adventures to choose from regardless of the season. For serious two-wheelers, Bovorets in the place to be with the Bovorets Mountain Bike Path. This carefully managed area has bike trails for every ability and you'll whizz through lush, green forests and have the time of your life.

Other popular summer activities like horseback trekking, hiking and safaris tours are great things to do in Bulgaria, and you're sure to discover things you never knew where there. Head north of Bankso to see bears in a semi-wild habitat stretching over 120,000sq m. This sanctuary is dedicated to the protection of the bears. You can watch them from viewing platforms in complete safety, knowing that you're not disturbing their natural behaviour.

Winter sports

Bulgaria provides excellent skiing and snow sports in the mountains around Bovorets and Bankso. With forested slopes, winter is a snowy wonderland and activities like sledding, snowshoeing, and winter horseback riding are a great way for even non-skiers to have the winter of their dreams.

With so many things to see in Bulgaria, you'll want to come back time and time again. It's a very affordable country, and Bulgaria is rich in landscape, wildlife and history. We're sure it'll quickly become one of your favourite destinations!


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