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Lefkas boasts glorious sunshine and warm temperatures throughout the year. Summer weather in Lefkas is very pleasant with an average temperature of 25°C during the day. The warmest weather arrives in July with highs of 30°C at midday, which is perfect for a day on the beach and some sightseeing. The southern part of the island tends to be windier than the north, which makes it especially popular for windsurfing fanatics. You can also enjoy a pleasant swim in the sea, which has an average water temperature of 25°C in the peak of summer.

Cool seasonal winds are year-round, which helps to keep the weather comfortable in summer. However, these winds can often transform into a strong gale force wind near the coast, which can send temperatures plummeting down to the high-teens.

Winter begins in December and you can expect temperatures in Lefkas to cool to 9°C. The mountainous regions are much colder with lows of 6°C in January. There’s some rainfall throughout winter, so you might want to pack an umbrella and check the forecast regularly. If you prefer a warmer climate on holiday, springtime is perfect. The weather is pleasant and mild and there’s just a few light showers scattered between March and May.

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