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Sorrento sits on the stunning Amalfi coast in Italy. The region is known for its golden beaches, clear blue skies and warm Mediterranean climate. Temperatures in Sorrento are enjoyable in spring and summer, which is the best time to visit for constant warmth and sunshine. You’ll have around 13 hours of sunshine per day with temperatures scaling to 29°C in July and August. The warm weather is enjoyable and it’s not overly hot or humid thanks to coastal winds blowing in from the sea.

Rainfall is almost non-existent in summer but it does pick up in October with up to 12 rainy days and 15 rainy days in November. November has the highest rainfall average of the year with around 162mm. Prepare for the wet weather in Sorrento with a waterproof jacket or umbrella.

The sea is warm throughout summer and early autumn with an average sea temperature of 22°C. The water gets colder towards winter, dropping to 19°C which is probably too cold for a comfortable swim.

Sorrento weather in December is a cool 13°C with lows of 3°C to 4°C. The coldest weather arrives in January, which has a daily average of 8°C. The sun shines for six hours per day that rises to eight in late-March. Temperatures in Sorrento also increase in spring, with highs of 18°C in April.

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