Roque Nublo Spain

Gran Canaria’s Roque Nublo is the island’s second highest peak, standing at 80 metres and 1,813 metres above sea level. It’s one of the most dramatic sights in the Canary Islands and definitely not to be missed.

Gran Canaria’s most dramatic rock is situated in the Nublo Rural Park, which is in the middle of the island in Tejeda municipality. The unique red monolith was created after a volcano erupted about four and a half million years ago. It’s since become a protected national monument within the park and is well worth coming to see, either by car or as part of an organised excursion.

Roque Nublo literally translates as “Cloudy Rock,” because it seems to vanish into the mist on foggy days. However, when the suns out and let’s face it, there are plenty of those on Gran Canaria, there are panoramic and dramatic views to be enjoyed as far as the eye can see. Head to this natural beauty spot and you’ll get a taste of the real island, with a landscape of lush vegetation, sleepy villages, and steep ravines.

You’ll also be able to see Pico de Las Nieves while you’re up there, Gran Canaria’s highest peak at 1,949 metres. It’s even possible to see Mount Teide in Tenerife on a clear day.

How to get to Roque Nublo

Getting to Roque Nublo by car is easy. It’s about an hour’s drive from Gran Canaria’s capital city of Las Palmas and just over an hour’s drive from Maspalomas. There are parking spaces, although it’s advised to go earlier rather than later if you want a space near the rock. The 1.5km trail to the top begins from the car park, where usually, there’s a stall selling local products, ice-creams and souvenirs.

Once you’re parked, follow the signs and walk up a relatively steep and uneven track, which will take you to the top. It’s definitely a day to leave your flip flops behind and wear some sensible shoes, and unfortunately, this isn’t an attraction for those with mobility issues. Take a bottle of water to stay hydrated along the way and also bring a second layer, as it gets a little chilly at the top. But, don’t worry, the views at the peak are certainly worth the walk.

A Roque Nublo hike may seem a daunting prospect, but it’s possible to walk not only up to the rock but also through some of the pine forests and trails within the park itself, which is also a UNESCO designated biosphere. It’ll certainly be a day you won’t forget in a hurry.