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Santa Eulalia is Ibiza’s third largest resort, and an ideal destination for families and couples who want to enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday without all the parties and revelry that the island is so famous for. If you’re looking for a beachside break, Santa Eulalia has spacious sands, which shelve gently into aquamarine waters, making it a superb spot for those holidaying with little ones. Behind it, there’s a long, palm-fringed promenade, which is ideal for wandering along and then watching one of Ibiza’s spectacular sunsets, while enjoying a relaxing drink.

The promenade and waterfront have helped Santa Eulalia earn its reputation as Ibiza’s gastronomic headquarters, too. If you enjoy eating good food in relaxed surroundings, you’ll find that this destination boasts some of the best restaurants in Ibiza! With family attractions, excellent shopping and, of course, the glorious, golden beach, Santa Eulalia holidays are the fastest way to slow down!

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While it would be all too easy to spend your Palma Nova holidays on one of the three stunning beaches, there are plenty of things to get up to once your tan is topped. The ‘Nit de Foc’ (Night of Fire) is held in late June and marks the night before the Feast of St John and features devils, demons, flaming torches, and fireworks. Plan a day trip to watch the sharks in Palma’s acclaimed aquarium, or visit nearby Katmandu Park for a day of water-based fun. In the evenings, grab dinner in the town centre and head to a bar, or walk along the seafront to enjoy the famous clubs of Magaluf.

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The months between June and August are the hottest months. If you’d prefer it a bit cooler and with fewer crowds, book your holidays to Santa Eulalia in September.

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Flights land at Ibiza Airport (IBZ), which is around 20km from the resort.