Skala is a small and picturesque fishing village boasting stunning beauty, from conserved wildlife to magnificent landscapes and cliffs. Nestled on the south east coast of Kefalonia, the fantastic location is great for discovering the vibrant history and wondrous caves hidden in parts of the coastline. The quiet resort is the perfect destination if you want to relax in a romantic setting, under glorious sunshine and swim in calm, crystal clear waters.

Excellent beaches

Skala has a traditional seaside location that has a mixture of sand and shingle beach. It offers a spot of relaxation with views of glimmering, crystal clear waters that stretch over the horizon. Inland views are also pleasing as the cove is surrounded by thick green agriculture. If you want a break from lounging and need a splash of excitement, then there is a good selection of water sports to try, from jet skis to parasailing.

History and culture

Skala was once a small, working, fishing village that has grown to accommodate the growth of tourism in the area. Today you can walk along the sand-shingle beach into the village for fresh seafood and beautiful buildings. The resort is located around historic and natural marvels which makes staying here all the more magical. Walk around Skala Old Town to gain an insight into the fascinating fishing ethos that still shapes the locals’ way of life.


There’s a good choice of restaurants and tavernas here, making it a perfect destination for those laid-back holidays. Captain’s Bar is a popular haunt for visitors and locals alike, because of its lively atmosphere and delicious cocktails. Or sit outside and shade under the straw roof of Akri’s Seaside Bar, where you can order fruity drinks and look over at the tranquil sea setting. Although a lot of bars stay open until the early hours and play music to get you dancing, there are only a few options when it comes to nightclubs.