Sami is a destination that puts Kefalonia’s eastern coast on the map, as the breathtaking coastline and lush green landscape are both big draws for visitors. If you love history, the ancient Acropolis is a must see and the views from the citadel are spectacular. Incredible scenery may be a key feature of this charming destination, but you’ll also find many great places to visit, making it the ideal choice for an authentic Greek getaway.

Natural beauty

Sami boasts some amazing views and stunning scenery all around the resort. You’ll be spoilt for choice with all the different things to do in order to make the most of it all. There’s a wide range of horse riding trips available where you can experience the surrounding area for yourself, including one that will guide you to the top of the highest peak for some incredible views.

Take in the history

Sami has a rich history and you can see evidence of its past all around you. A great Bronze Age city can be found on the cliff and looks over the clear blue sea. During the month of August, the Monastery of Argillon hosts a belly bursting feast followed by some rustic dancing and music to help wash the meal down.

Boat trips

For those wanting to explore further afield, you can take a trip to the small island of Ithaca that played a big part in Greek mythology. During your trip you can find many different restaurants and shops to visit, making for the perfect day out.