Good Morning

Buenos Dias


Por Favor



Do you speak english?

Habla Usted Inglés

How are you?

Cómo Estás


Lo Siento

You're welcome

De Nada

I don't understand

No Lo Entiendo

Where are the toilets?

On són els banys?

The official language in Caleta de Fuste is Spanish. While the locals in the Canaries do tend to have some different words than in mainland Spain, everybody understands Castillian Spanish (the Spanish spoken in mainland Spain).

As this resort is so popular, you’ll find that English is also spoken in most places, especially in tourist areas like hotels, restaurants, activity companies, and taxis. This is really useful when you need to get somewhere, but it can also be fun to try out a bit of Spanish too, and your efforts will certainly be appreciated by the locals!

Learning a few words of Spanish can be really fun

It’s always polite to try and learn a bit of the local language before you visit a new destination and the Canary Islanders are always happy to help you along with your Spanish.

Simply learning the words for Please, Thank You and I Would Like can transform your trip and really show the local people that you’re making an effort. The great thing is about the Spanish language in Caleta de Fuste is that many words are said just how they look! Once you’ve tried it out on a few restaurant menus, you might start feeling much more confident in ordering purely in Spanish, even if the waiter speaks English.

Want to learn more? You can check out some of the most useful phrases by clicking on the green icons above and hearing how they are pronounced. Don’t worry if you forget, you can always make friends by asking your waiter or taxi driver how to pronounce a word. They’ll be more than happy to teach you.