Caleta de Fuste - currency

Caleta de Fuste sits within the Canary Islands on Fuerteventura. While this sub-tropical archipelago is next to Africa, it’s actually part of Spain and the standard Caleta de Fuste currency is the euro.

These Spanish islands have some special tax laws and so you might be able to find some great bargains on which to spend your euros. But what about card versus cash? We recommend that the best currency to use in Caleta de Fuste is euros in cash. While there are ATMs and foreign exchange outlets, it can be easier to get a great exchange rate in the UK.

Major bank cards on the Visa or MasterCard networks will be accepted in many places including shops, supermarkets and hotels. However, the exchange rate isn’t always ideal and you could well be charged a foreign transaction fee by your bank each time you use your card. That’s why it can be much easier to get your euros before you leave the UK.

Take a range of euro notes

It’s a good idea to take a range of euro notes when you visit Caleta de Fuste, particularly smaller denominations like €5, €10 and €20. You never know when you’ll come across a little street market or need small notes to buy ice cream on the beach! €50 notes are good for restaurants when the whole family is eating out but small shops and vendors may prefer changing €20 notes for cheaper purchases.

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