Lindos is located on the east coast of Rhodes and is 50 kilometres from the capital, Rhodes Town. The highly photographed town is filled with Byzantine architecture, ancient churches and whitewashed buildings speckling the hillside. This pretty resort, along with its’ ancient architecture and stunning beaches, oozes with Greek charm. So if you’re looking for a holiday to Rhodes that offers a real taste of authentic Greece, Lindos is an excellent choice.

Authentic surroundings

The village centre is a car-free zone, so the only way to get around is by walking or taking a so-called Lindos taxi – a donkey. This is a great place for exploring, so wander down the winding streets, visiting unique gifts shops where you’ll find authentic souvenirs like beautiful embroidered linen and leather, as well as handmade silver jewellery. You’re bound to find traditional, one-of-a-kind gems here that you won’t get anywhere else. The town has a social buzz to it and you’ll get a real feel for what Greek life is all about as you mix in amongst the locals, whether you’re just strolling around or having dinner in a traditional taverna.

Historical discoveries

You’ll be surrounded by history everywhere you walk in Lindos, so much so you’ll feel as if you’ve gone back in time. Explore the narrow streets, discovering the ancient architecture and beautiful churches as you go, mixed amongst the cosy restaurants and cafés. Navigate your way through the maze of cobbled streets to discover the famous Acropolis. Admire the ancient ruins and enjoy the breathtaking sight of the village below; the best spot in Lindos for panoramic views.

Why Lindos?

The friendly locals, historic surroundings and the beautiful scenery are just some of the reasons why people want to come back to Lindos year after year. There’re also the lovely beaches, crystal-clear seas and gorgeous sunshine that help make this a relaxing and idyllic destination for your holiday.