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Step into the past and discover a mountain of relics and ancient buildings as you wander through Rhodes Old Town. Although in close range to each other, the Old Town is worlds apart from the modern side of the New Town. On one side, you can lounge by the pool and down cocktails at the local nightclub.

But, on the other side, you're free to roam through crumbling buildings and explore medieval remnants before you've even had lunch. If you love history and want more of a cultural experience on holiday, you won't want to miss a visit to the Old Town of Rhodes.

Go sightseeing in the Old Town

Meander through the medieval streets of this well-preserved fortified city and tick off all the main sights as you go. Pass through the seven gates of the old town and step inside the surrounding medieval walls. Follow in the footsteps of the Knights of St. John in the Knights' Quarter. Here, you'll see the fortress-style mansions built by the knights in the 14th and 15th century.

Then, make your way through the cobbled Street of the Knights, where you'll stroll for 600m from east to west. As you go, you can gaze at the medieval architecture standing proudly on either side of the street. As you explore Rhodes Old Town, visit the Palace of the Grand Master one of your top priorities. Treat yourself to an almost fairy-tale like experience as you wander through the interior that reflects influences from the Italian reconstruction that took place in 1940. Check out the upper chambers and finish off your visit by stopping to take in the historical exhibit on display downstairs.

For the best views of Rhodes, make your way to the top of the 7th century Roloi Clock Tower. Your entrance fee includes a free drink. So, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage as you gaze out at the panoramic views of this ancient town.

Call into the museum and art gallery

Brush up on your history at the Archaeological Museum. It's hard to believe that this building was once a Knight's Hospital in the 15th century. It's now an open museum complete with lavish gardens outside and rooms packed with ancient discoveries. Meander through each room and explore its collections. Some of which, include ancient sculptures, funerary slabs from the Knight's period and the marble head of Hellos.

As you're walking through the building, don't forget to look down at the intricate mosaic floors of the Hellenistic and Early Christian period. If you want to learn a little more about recent history in Rhodes, make your way to the Modern Greek Art Museum. View stunning works of art from contemporary artists and others such as Katraki Vaso and Gaitis Giannis.

Visit the Acropolis of Rhodes

Make sure to visit the extraordinary Acropolis of Rhodes, an archaeological site just 2km southwest of the Old Town. You'll find it on top of the Monte Smith hill. Inside the ancient Hellenistic city, you'll uncover stadiums dating back to the 3rd century BC. On the northeast side of the hill, you'll find the Artemision, which was once a principal place of worship.

If you head over to the opposite end on the northwest, you'll reach the Odeon, a small marble theatre once used for musical performances. But the most famous sight to see here lies on the summit of the hill. So, start climbing up the steps until you reach the Temple of Pythian Apollo. Take lots of photos and soak up the warm sunshine as you snap a few selfies.

Dine like a knight

You'll find lots of traditional Greek tavernas and inns within the walls. People watch by the window of a café or head to Taverna Kostas and try a tasty octopus salad for a bargain price. If seafood isn't your thing, try the skewered lamb with a hint of rosemary over at the Marco Polo Café, a traditional Mediterranean restaurant with a broad menu.

For dinner with a view, there's nothing like dining on delicious lobster as you look out at the shimmering sea from inside the Meltemi taverna. It's easy to see why locals love coming to eat here. You've got a great menu to observe and a fantastic view to top it off.

Since you're on holiday, why not treat yourself to a glass of wine with dinner? Most restaurants in Rhodes Old Town serve an excellent selection of white and red wines, as well as classic cocktails and drinks to suit all tastes.

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