Kalamata is a bustling seaside city in a historic and beautiful region in the Peloponnese. The second largest populated city of the region in southern Greece, it’s the capital and central port of Messinia. Kalamata is one of the hidden gems of Greece, with many holidaymakers overlooking it in favour of the popular Greek islands. However, a holiday to Kalamata provides unspoilt landscapes of distant mountains, rivers and olive groves and a city that rubs shoulders alongside little beach resorts with stunning coastlines and an injection of the past. A cosmopolitan atmosphere whilst still oozing with Greek tradition, Kalamata is the place to base yourself if you’re looking for relaxation, fun and a laid-back atmosphere.

Steeped in history

The Greeks are full of pride when it comes to their history and the people of Kalamata are no exception. From preserved cities to historical displays, if you’re a culture vulture looking for a holiday with plenty of discovery, Kalamata could be the destination for you. Wander around the museum-lined streets and soak up its charms before arriving at your chosen museum for your chance to delve into history. Pretty paintings, ancient artefacts and military memoirs are just some of what awaits you. Plan a day trip to uncover some of the nearby archaeological sites if you wish to take a look at the ruins.

Typically Greek experiences

Whitewashed buildings with terracotta roof tops, narrow cobbled streets, tavernas serving traditional foods and bustling markets: Kalamata is perfect for those looking for an authentically Greek experience. Whilst you’re in Kalamata, you have to try the olives; you’ll find that they’re served in most of the tavernas and bars as the people of Kalamata are proud of their most famous export. Olive oil is also a Kalamata delicacy and you can pick up a bottle from street markets or at an olive mill.