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The once-divided city is now a multicultural melting pot of vibrant art, international cuisine and progressive attitudes. Both fascinating and sobering reminders of Nazi rule and East and West Berlin remain. The city centre also holds a vast collection of art and antiquities from across the world. At night, Berlin welcomes visitors with a wide variety of live music, bars and dance clubs.

Things to do

A city break in Berlin caters to one and all: the art lover, the foodie and the party animal. Explore the past on a guided tour of its historical architecture and diverse neighbourhoods. Fill up on German beer and sausages, or a wide variety of international food. Dance the night away in a techno nightclub.

Guide To Berlin

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3-24 ℃

Berlin experiences four distinct seasons, with weeks of snow in winter and warm summers. 

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1 hour 45 minutes

Tegel International Airport (TXL), 8 km northwest of the city centre. Schönefeld (SXF) is situated 20 km southeast of Berlin. The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport is scheduled to open in 2016.