Avg weather in August
14 Hrs per day
84 mm per month
66 % avg
8 Mph avg

Berlin Weather in August

What’s the weather like in Berlin in August?

Like June and July, the Berlin weather in August makes it a wonderful location for a summer city break. The temperature should be into the 20s with just a few showers expected. The sun shines for several hours each day and you’ll love taking in the historic sights and relaxing in the parks of Germany’s amazing capital city.

Geographical influences

Cities in the east of Germany, close to the borders of Poland and Czech Republic, usually have slightly cooler temperatures than those in the west. Berlin bucks the trend. Its high-rise buildings and metropolitan landscape helps to keep heat in and create a very pleasant climate in warm summer months like August.


With an average high temperature of 23°C, the weather in Berlin in August is perfect for a memorable trip to this amazing city. You’ll find the conditions very warm and comfortable and even on cooler days, the temperature will still average around 15°C. Pack your sunglasses and sun lotion because the sun should shine for eight to nine hours each day. In early August, it rises at 5.30am and doesn’t fade until nearly 9pm, giving you lots of time to relax outside and soak up Berlin’s unique culture. You can expect around 14 days to see some light rainfall with an average of 63mm. The UV index is low and humidity levels are comfortable, but take care on hot days and carry water with you.

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