Avg weather in November
8 Hrs per day
64 mm per month
87 % avg
9 Mph avg

Berlin Weather in November

What’s the weather like in Berlin in November?

The Berlin weather in November will feel much cooler compared to the late summer months of September and October. You’ll need a warm layer while you explore this exciting German city, but there’s still some crisp autumn sunshine and just a few short showers can be expected. November’s a quieter month for visitors before the Christmas festivals appear.

Geographical influences

This pretty capital city doesn’t suffer from extreme weather conditions, although snow can fall between December and February. Berlin will have temperatures a few degrees higher in November than nearby rural towns and areas. This is because the high rise buildings and city landscape create an insulating effect and stops heat escaping.


With the average temperature struggling to reach double figures, the weather in Berlin in November means you’ll need warm layers and a coat. It won’t be freezing, as the average will be between 7°C to 9°C, but at night this may drop to 2°C to 3°C. In the sunshine, it’ll feel more pleasant and November enjoys an average of three hours each day. The sun rises about 7am in early November and goes down just after 4.30pm. Bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella in case you’re caught in a shower. The rainfall average in Berlin this month is 48mm over 14 wet-weather days. Wind speed is low to moderate around the city and doesn’t bring much wind chill in November.

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