Berlin Wall Memorial

Discover the troubled past of a divided city with a visit to the Berlin Wall Memorial. Home to the last preserved section of the wall, the memorial stretches for almost one mile along the site at Bernauer Strasse right in the heart of the city.

During your visit to the memorial, you’ll learn what it was like for Berlin’s residents to live divided by the wall. Find out the difference between life in the east and west of Germany, and read the stories of the people who tried, and often failed, to cross the heavily guarded border.

See historical artefacts, read testimonials of the people who lived during the construction and fall of the Wall, and see photographs of Berlin districts destroyed by its existence. Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to pay respects to the people who were affected by the Berlin Wall at the Window of Remembrance, from those who were separated from their families to those who bravely tried to cross from the GDR to West Germany.

Here at Bernauer Strasse, the Wall ran between Wedding and Mitte, separating the street between east and west. The Memorial stands where the first victims died at the hands of border guards, and where the first sections of the Wall were finally torn down in 1989. To get even more information, go to the Visitor Centre to see the film archives, or take a public group tour of the memorial.

Alternatively you can use a mobile app to take a personalised tour through the site.

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