Avg weather in February
10 Hrs per day
80 mm per month
73 % avg
10 Mph avg

Athens Weather in February

What’s the weather like in Athens in February?

With several hours of sunshine each day and very mild temperatures compared to the UK, the Athens weather in February is fantastic. The historic Greek capital could have some showers, though and packing a waterproof jacket’s a good idea.

Geographical influences

Athens is in the south-east of Greece in a part of Europe that’s famous for warm temperatures and high sunshine levels. It’s close to the Aegean Sea and has a Mediterranean climate, which rarely has wintery showers in the cooler months between December and February.


The weather in Athens in February sees an enjoyable daily average temperature of 14°C. The average low shouldn’t go below 8°C on colder days. The nights can be a bit chilly at this time, at around 7°C, so bring a warm layer for exploring the sights and attractions of Athens in the evening. Rainfall averages only 47mm this month during 9 rainy days. Sea temperatures average around 15°C, which is the coldest all year. You’ll see plenty of sunshine in Athens and across the south of Greece, with up to six hours of bright sunlight each day from 11 hours of daylight. Even in winter, the wind speed stays quite moderate and the UV index is low too.

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