Avg weather in July
14 Hrs per day
5 mm per month
49 % avg
9 Mph avg

Athens Weather in July

What’s the weather like in Athens in July?

The incredible Athens weather in July makes it one of the hottest European cities. Temperatures can often rise past 30°C and there’ll be almost constant sunshine all day. Visitors enjoy taking in the ancient sights and relaxing by the nearby beaches.

Geographical influences

The hot weather in Athens in July is thanks to the city’s location in the south-east Attica region of Greece. It’s one of the sunniest and warmest areas in mainland Europe. There’s only a slight coastal breeze and you’ll need to carry water with you because of the high heat and humidity.


Sunbathers, beach goers and sightseers will love the amazing Athens weather in July. In this peak summer month in Greece, the average temperature rises to a daytime high of 33°C. Some days, this can be even higher and only drops to around 22°C on cooler days. The legendary sunshine of Athens produces 12 hours each day, with the sun not disappearing until nearly 9pm. Rainfall in July in Athens is extremely low, at around 6mm, with an average of just one day receiving rain during the month. If you fancy a splash in the Aegean Sea, you can expect the water temperature to be an inviting 26°C. UV levels are high at this time, though, so wear plenty of sunblock when you’re relaxing

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